March 24, 2014

President of Montenegro Passes Decision to Call Elections
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović passed a decision to call the elections:

Pursuant to Article 95 paragraph 1 item 10 of the Constitution of Montenegro (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, Nos.1/07 and 38/13), Article 13 of the Law on Election of Councilors and Members of the Parliament (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro” Nos. 4/98, 5/98, 17/98, 14/00, 18/00, 9/01, 41/02, 46/02, 45/04, 48/06, 56/06, and “Official Gazette of Montenegro” Nos. 46/11, 14/14) and Article 42, paragraph 1 of the Law on Local Self-Government (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro” Nos. 42/03, 28/04, 75/05 and 13/06 and “Official Gazette of Montenegro” Nos. 88/09, 3/10, 38/12 and 10/14), I hereby pass the


1. I hereby call elections for the councilors in the Assembly of the Capital City of Podgorica and Assemblies of Municipalities of Bar, Bijelo Polje, Danilovgrad, Žabljak, Kolašin, Plav, Plužine, Pljevlja, Rožaje, Šavnik, Gusinje.

2. The elections shall be held on the 25th of May 2014.

3. This decision shall enter into force on the day of its passing, and it shall be published in the “Official Gazette of Montenegro” and “Official Gazette of Montenegro – Municipal Ordinances”.

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