April 19, 2014

President Congratulates the Great Christian Holiday
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, congratulated Easter to the clergy and all Orthodox and Catholic believers.

In the days of Easter holidays, when the symbolism and simultaneous celebration gathers us together and recalls of the common roots of eternal values of Christianity, I cordially congratulate this great holiday to the clergy and all Orthodox and Catholic believers, with the desire that peace, harmony and respect for our neighbors find their way to all homes and fill them with joy and virtues these days.

May the eternal messages of this great holiday, represented by the constant renewal of life and commitment to the common good, enrich us with spiritual fulfillment. By fostering harmony and dialogue, let us support bonding, love and fellowship, to the benefit of our Montenegro and its multi-ethnic and multi-religious harmony.

In that name, I once again congratulate the great holiday, reads the congratulatory message of President Vujanović.

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