September 06, 2013

Kotor, Vujanović – Radmanović
The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, held a meeting on 6th September this year in Kotor with the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nebojša Radmanović, who is on a short private visit to Montenegro.

The two Presidents noted comprehensive and close relations between the two countries with the possibility of further promotion, particularly in the area of economy. They expressed their expectation that within the framework of good contractual basis of cooperation between the two countries, an agreement on state border will be soon signed, the first of its kind in the area of former Yugoslavia. They agreed on a possibility of further cooperation in the field of economic integration and regional initiatives.

President Vujanović and the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nebojša Radmanović, exchanged their views on the current situation in the region, noting that the regional cooperation is of particular importance and value. more
September 04, 2013

Donja Lastva: Vujanović and Josipović - Minorities are bridges of friendship and cooperation
On the second day of the official visit of the President of Croatia Ivo Josipović to Montenegro, Presidents Vujanović and Josipović visited Tivat and Perast.

The Presidents met at the Croatian Centre in Donja Lastva with Croats who live in Montenegro.

Vujanović expressed satisfaction that the President Josipović met with representatives of the Croatian national community within his official visit.
The President said that the obligation of Montenegro is to provide that the Croatian community feels the fullness of living in Montenegro and has strong connections with Croatia, which is a common position.
MontenegroČs interest is the same as so far - the Croatian community should help the development of Montenegro, and Montenegro provides that the Croats feel the fullness of their Croatian being and connection with Croatia with the intensity that corresponds to their needs.
He pointed out that the policy of Montenegro will continue to support them. Now the Croatian Civic Initiative, a parliamentary party, has its individual presentation. The party has a very constructive relationship within the state policy and has a minister in the government.
The President stated that in respect of restitution, there is equal treatment concerning restitution in Montenegro for all. The goal is to accelerate the implementation of the law. Treatment in relation to restitution will be the same for all and interest of the state is to fully comply with the law.

President Josipović thanked Montenegro which has made a serious step forward in the promotion of the rights of national minorities.
He said that Croatia considered as very important the rights of minorities, but also the position of Croats in other countries. Minority communities in each country are and should be a bridge of friendship between the two countries. This is the case with the Croatian community here in Montenegro. Richness of culture, tradition, connectivity, friendship are values that make all societies and states better. Josipović said that the proximity of Croatia to Montenegro is a positive factor. Cross-border cooperation, is good and will be improved.
In the end, President Josipović thanked Montenegro for caring for the Croatian community and congratulated the representatives of the Croats who nurture and build the Croatian institutions in Montenegro. He emphasized his belief that the good relations between Croatia and Montenegro would continue to thrive.

In addition to representatives of Croatian citizens, the Minister in the Government of Montenegro Marija Vučinović, Mayor of Tivat Dragan Kankaraš, and Mayor of Kotor Maja Ćatović accompanied Presidents Vujanović and Josipović .

Presidents visited Perast after touring the Bay of Kotor. more
September 03, 2013

Cetinje: Media Statements of the Presidents Vujanović and Josipović
President Vujanović expressed his satisfaction over the official visit of the President of Croatia to Montenegro and conveyed his gratefulness for this first official visit of the President Josipović, only about 60 days after Croatia became EU member state.

The President expressed his gratitude on behalf of Montenegro to the President Josipović and Croatia for the support in our European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

“That support has been significant and we very much appreciate readiness of Croatia to further promote our integration interests, now at the new position as EU member state and previously the NATO member state. We especially emphasized in our talks the values of “Brdo Initiative”, the initiative composed of the President of Croatia Mr. Josipović and President of Slovenia Mr. Pahor, that Slovenia and Croatia as hosts of the meeting of the Western Balkan should be promoters of our integration as well as regional projects in support to finding of a solution for the open issues. We expressed it in a very clear and quality manner. We were glad that the President of France François Hollande participated in the meeting, who expressed his support to the quality and good dynamics of integration.

The President Vujanović said that they concluded that it was also an opportunity to confirm existence of good bilateral relations and necessity to further develop our economic relations through the economic cooperation potentials. It is an opportunity to promote also cooperation of our Parliaments, which is on a high level both in the framework of working bodies and parliaments. Cooperation in all the social areas, which is on a high level and represents a good example of the region, in the field of science, health, social policy, should be promoted. He said that they promoted position of the minorities and the two states should continue to take care of them, who should be treated as a bridge of cooperation. There is no doubt that such policies of Croatia and Montenegro would be continued.
The President concluded that they discussed also regional issues about which their official position is known.

The President Josipović said that he was honored and satisfied with his visit to Montenegro and reiterated Croatia’s support to Montenegro in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration.

“I am also glad that we can together conclude that bilateral relations are very good, excellent, that bilateral cooperation is good. We concluded that we could do it better together in the field of economic cooperation and we also discussed, as Mr. President Vujanović said, the regional initiatives, strategic plans of our countries, which plans are certainly related to Europe and prosperity of the whole region.”

He said that they also discussed certain concrete initiatives such as Adriatic-Ionian motorway and expressed joint position that certain existing open issues, which we inherited from the former common state, should be resolved in a speeded way. “I think that these issues should not be left to the next generation of politicians. I can express also a great satisfaction over the high compatibility of our political positions in relation to the common issues, particularly in relation to the European issues. more
September 03, 2013

Cetinje, President of the Republic of Croatia Pays an Official Visit to Montenegro
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today in Cetinje the President of the Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipović with highest state and military honors.

The Presidents Vujanović and Josipović held a press conference after a tęte-ŕ-tęte talk and bilateral meeting. more
August 29, 2013

President Vujanović Receives President of Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today Mr. Safet Gerxhaliu, the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo with associates who are staying in Podgorica where the meeting between the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo and Chamber of Commerce of Serbia will be held in the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro.

President Vujanović expressed his pleasure because Montenegro and the Montenegrin Chamber of Economy are the hosts of the meeting between the Chambers of Commerce of Kosovo and Serbia, which confirms a high degree of regional cooperation needed for the stability and the development of the entire region. The need for further promotion of cooperation between Montenegro and Kosovo in the field of economy was noted, which is in the interest of both citizens and economic subjects. The Chambers of Commerce play an important role in this cooperation so the expectation of further intensification of their cooperation was expressed.

Mr. Gerxhaliu pointed out the cooperation of the Chambers of Commerce of Montenegro and Kosovo as a very comprehensive and intensive one with visible results. There is ample room for further improvement of relations, especially in the field of tourism and infrastructure projects which will be significant for both states. more
August 28, 2013

President of Montenegro in Kolašin
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly in Kolašin held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the citizens of Kolašin, the president of the Assembly and the president of the Municipality on holiday with respect for all that has been done in Kolašin, with belief that this area will continue to develop. He expressed his expectation that the important infrastructure objects, the motorway towards Berane, and capital project of Montenegro – the motorway from Podgorica to Mateševo, will meet the expectation of Kolašin to valorize the values of this area to the maximum extent for the purpose of the more quality life of citizens. more
August 22, 2013

Cetinje: President Vujanović Attends the Commemorative Session Marking the Death of Writer Mirko Kovač
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović attended the commemorative session in Cetinje , which was held to mark the death of writer Mirko Kovač.

With respect and remembrance of one of the greatest South Slavic writers and writers of our time Mirko Kovač, we hereby convey the address of President Vujanović during the presentation of the Njegoš’s awards held on 13 November 2009 in Cetinje :

Honorable Mr. Kovač ,
Esteemed High Dignitaries,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was given a great honor to award " Njegoš’s Award " to this yearČs winner, writer Mirko Kovač for his book of short stories "Roses for Nives Cohen ," published by the publishing house "Fraktura" in 2005.

Major Montenegrin award for literature was named after a poet whose work is a part of the most illustrious works among South Slavic peoples, and he is among the European giants such as Milton, Dante or Shakespeare. more
August 10, 2013

Kotor, Presidents Vujanović – Ivanov
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, had a meeting in Kotor on 9th of August with the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, who is on a working visit to Montenegro.

The two Presidentstalked about opportunities for improving bilateral cooperation in the area of European and Euro-Atlantic integration as well as within the framework of regional cooperation. While stating traditionally good and close relations between the two countries and mutually active cooperation in the region, the importance of joint initiative of the President of Slovenia, Borut Pahor and the President of Croatia, Ivo Josipović to establish stronger ties with the states of the Western Balkans through support of these two members of EU and NATO, was particularly valued.

Within the framework of the so-called Brdo Process, a meeting of the participants of this initiative was held last month at Brdo near Kranj, with the participation of the President of France, François Hollande as a special guest. With the encouragement of integration of each individual country of the Western Balkans, within the framework of this process, regional projects will be promoted and resolving open issues will be encouraged.

President Vujanovic and President Ivanov also exchanged views on the current situation in the region and confirmed the interest in the continuation of cooperation within the scope of international institutions. more
August 08, 2013

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović responds to the Open Letter of the Sandzak Mufti Muamer Zukorlić
The response of the President Vujanović reads as follows:

Dear Mufti Zukorlić,

With due care and responsibility I have reviewed your open letter, in which you have expressed a protest against, as you stated, inappropriate control by Montenegrin police of several Novi Pazar vehicles conveying Islamic Community’s delegation. Of course, I immediately asked for information, but I consider it necessary to respond to you by an open letter, as well.

I am very pleased that you reminded me of the meeting held on July 27, 2005 with the Islamic Community delegation led by the Reis, Dr. Mustafa Cerić. You faithfully conveyed the content of our conversation, when I assured you that independence of Montenegro and establishment of an international border would not have a negative effect on the usual communication of citizens on both sides of the border. After this reassurance, which was assessed as convincing by the Reis Cerić, he presented to you his expectation that you would not oppose to the independence of Montenegro in the course of the referendum campaign. You made and fulfilled your promise, and I did my best so that my forecast of openness of movement across the border comes true. It really must not impede neither movement across the border, personal, family and business connections of people nor their friendships, habits, customs and all that connects them. Mufti, this is how I experience the borders with all the neighbors. This sincere position of the state policy of Montenegro is also confirmed by, inter alia, the fact that you reminded me of the aforesaid meeting held in Podgorica after more than eight years.

I sent your letter immediately to the Minister of Interior, Raško Konjević, expecting from him to instantly examine its allegations and to reply to me urgently, of which you will be notified immediately.

Cabinet of the President of Montenegro more
August 07, 2013

Congratulatory Message of the President Vujanović
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović extended his congratulatory message to all the citizens of Islamic religion, Seniority and Reis of the Islamic Religious Community in Montenegro, Mr. Rifat Fejzić.

“I am convinced that by fulfillment of the sublime spiritual values, brought by the noble symbolism of the month of Ramadan, joy will cast light on all homes. Let it be a stimulus to the multinational and multi-confessional harmony, which represents our durable good and guarantee of the overall progress of our Montenegro and all of its citizens”, reads the congratulatory message of the President Vujanović. more
August 04, 2013

President Vujanović in Plužine
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Plužine, which has been held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the holiday to the citizens, councilors, President of the Assembly and President of the Municipality of Plužine, expressing his satisfaction over the activities completed between the two holidays. He said that orientation stated by the President of the Municipality, which was to improve the road infrastructure, was to be respected. It is undoubtedly a condition for development o f Plužine and an opportunity to use the biggest values, especially the agricultural and tourism resources. This is a region which offers great possibilities for development and through a good connection with the Government and entities that support such activities, Plužine have a great development chance.

The President said that he supported also all the plans directed to improving the living conditions in Plužine. more
August 04, 2013

Berane – Eight Centuries of Spirituality
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended the Solemn Academy held in Berane on the occasion of 800th anniversary of the Monastery Đurđevi stupovi.

Expressing his respect and admiration for the eight-centuries long history of the Monastery Đurđevi stupovi, the President of Montenegro and of the Organizing Committee for celebration of this great jubilee said at the Solemn Academy: “This well-known holy place of ours has had a great and eternal symbolism of spirituality, love of freedom and unity during its eight- centuries long history. Freedom was both won and defended here. Great decisions were made about uprisings and rebellions, victories were celebrated and homage was paid to the victims in this holy object of ours. A message was sent from here that freedom was invincible. That is why this holy object of ours was five times put on fire and devastated as symbol of freedom-loving, it was renewed and consecrated for five times and by value of Christ’s’ resurrection it sent a message of eternal existence, spirituality and indestructibility of the freedom-loving people. 1898 is the year that will remain remembered in the history, this place’s people of faith said by their lives in our monastery that they wanted to protect the monastery, as its value was greater than life and they saved the monastery from the last fire. However, deep and big scars remained in the history of this holy object of ours, which are also the scars that represent a testimony, greatness and value of love of freedom of this region.

This monastery of ours is a symbolism of cultural and educational heritage of the Vasojevići tribe and this part of Montenegro, but also the deep liaisons within Montenegro. Cultural wealth has been created, established and literacy has been brought here during centuries. If this monastery happened not to be the monastery martyr, it would have had one of the richest treasuries of culture. In particular, wealth of Đurđevi stupovi is centuries’ long link with the Cetinje Monastery, which was strongest at the time of the greatest man of this monastery, Prior Mojsije Zečević, sincere friend of Saint Peter of Cetinje and Petar II Petrović Njegoš, whose 200th anniversary of his birth is being celebrated this year. That period marked their great friendship.

This Monastery carries also a great symbolism of closeness of the two old Balkan states - Montenegro and Serbia - closeness of the Montenegrin and Serbian people. It sends a message that we should work for the benefit our two states, our two peoples. Let us be together, let us build the future of Montenegro and Serbia and of Montenegrin and Serbian people together. It is a message of this famous holy object of ours, and I express my admiration for its eight centuries long history”. more
August 03, 2013

President Vujanović Congratulates the Water-polo Representation
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović congratulated the water-polo representation on winning the silver medal in water polo at the World Aquatics Championship.

“My congratulations to the management, technical staff and great water-polo players of Montenegro on their magnificent success in water polo at the World Aquatics Championship. This great success of our water polo is another valuable achievement of our sports; it makes us proud and obliges us to permanent respect for our water polo heroes. The achieved success will be an inspiration to all the sportsmen and a proof that real values provide for greatest sports achievements”, reads the congratulatory message of the President. more
July 30, 2013

President Vujanović Extends Condolences to President Napolitano
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, sent a telegram conveying condolences to the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, on the occasion of the tragic traffic accident which took place in the vicinity of Naples.

“On behalf of the citizens of Montenegro and myself, I extend our heartfelt condolences on the occasion of the tragic loss of lives of the citizens of your state in the traffic accident near Naples. The accident is indeed a major tragedy and the citizens of Montenegro share the pain of the families of the casualties and citizens of Italy“, reads the telegram of President Vujanović. more
July 26, 2013

President Vujanović in Plav
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, attended the solemn session of the Municipal Assembly of Plav held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the Municipality Day to the citizens, councilors, the president of the Municipal Assembly and the Mayor. He expressed his satisfaction over what has been done between the two holidays and the belief that there will be numerous and important projects carried out by the schedule that is planned, and projects of a significant value were also pointed out .
The President said that it was important that Gusinje would be granted the municipality status and that the dynamics was in accordance with that procedure, which is normatively prescribed. It is certain that Plav and Gusinje will continue a good partnership. A powerful diaspora from Gusinje and Plav, largely in the US should be used so as to find the room for investment in this beautiful area. To find conditions for this capital from abroad to be provided and jobs created for the area of Plav and Gusinje, these being the chances and obligations of the diaspora. He said that in a conversation with the mayor, it was noted that these incentive measures were stimulating for the investments and that everyone will benefit, including our people who earn money abroad invest it here.
President expressed satisfaction with the good dynamics of the road Plav - Podgorica. These projects of community infrastructure, on the one hand, enhanced the quality of life, and on the other, were aimed at continuous enhancement of the quality of life for the good of all the citizens of Plav. more


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