July 25, 2013

Brdo near Kranj Summit - The Interest of the Western Balkans Lies in the EU
On the margins of the summit of the Heads of States of the region, which was held today in Brdo near Kranj, President Vujanović had meetings and a working lunch with the Presidents participants at the Summit.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Lukšić was in the delegation along with President Vujanović.

After the completion of the Summit, President Vujanović made a statement to the press, in which he expressed his satisfaction with a new initiative launched by Slovenia and Croatia.

He believes that it is useful that they be the initiators of a new contact between the European Union and the Western Balkans, and to encourage the interest of the Western Balkans that lies in the European Union through the communication in which other senior EU officials would take part. Montenegro views this interest in three directions. Concerning the acceleration of the European Union enlargement process and encouragement to aspirant countries to continue and intensify their activities with a view to accession. With regard to regional cooperation through regional projects that the EU could support and financial encouragement and support through funds and banks. And last, but not the least, that the EU provides support in the resolution of open issues that exist in the Western Balkans, said the President. He said that the summit was a great success and that discussions at the working lunch have been constructive and important. All three goals that have been set in this process will be further implemented at the new meetings. The next one will be in Zagreb, including the participation of a senior EU official or a President of an EU Member State. Here we had the pleasure to have as a participant the President of France Francois Hollande who stated the position of France and the EU in relation to all three topics, giving a justification for such an initiative.

The President pointed out that he had a bilateral meeting with the President Hollande, a very cordial and constructive one, asserting the traditional friendship between Montenegro and France. France is a significant partner of Montenegro in European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes. It was an opportunity to express gratitude for the support and assistance. But also an opportunity to convey the interest of Montenegro in a stronger relationship with France and the French presence in the sphere of economy and the need for French companies in Montenegro through investments and economic partnerships, said the President. He stated that they had agreed to work on it actively through the ministries and to do everything it takes to make the French capital more present in Montenegro. more
July 25, 2013

Slovenia: President of Montenegro at the Leaders Meeting of the Brdo Process
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović participated today at the Leaders Meeting of the Brdo Process held in Brdo near Kranj, Slovenia.

Address by H.E. Mr. Filip Vujanović, President of Montenegro at the Plenary Session:

Your Excellencies,

First of all I would like to express my thanks to the President of the Republic of Slovenia H.E. Mr. Borut Pahor and President of the Republic of Croatia, H.E. Mr. Ivo Josipović for the initiative for this Meeting.
Meeting of the presidents of the Western Balkan countries with the EU member states is a valuable chance for achievement of these goals.

Your participation at this Meeting, President Hollande, is a huge encouragement, and I would like to express my high appreciation for your decision to be here with us today. I share your opinion that the Meeting is being held in a key moment after accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union.

I think that the Western Balkan region has ensured stability and that there are no real challenges which would put it at risk. more
July 24, 2013

Podgorica, President Vujanović received the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation, Mr. Alexey Meshkov.

The President Vujanović reminded that we marked 300th anniversary of political relations between Montenegro and Russia in 2011, on which occasion he and the then President Dmitri Medvedev exchanged letters, expressing their respect for the centuries long tradition but also pointing to the chance for further development of relations of the two states. The President assessed that there was wide room for further promotion of cooperation, especially in tourism, and that the Mixed Committee of the two Governments should be dedicated to stimulation of the two states’ cooperation to the maximum extent.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation Meshkov agreed that there was an opportunity for further promotion of our overall relations, and that cooperation in the field of tourism as well as culture was an opportunity for our new substantive relations. Meshkov expressed his special satisfaction over signing the plan of consultations between the two ministries of foreign affairs for the period 2013-14, in which way the activities of the two ministries have been defined for the purpose of promotion of the two states’ relations. He also emphasized the possibility of cooperation in order to stimulate development of small and medium sized enterprises and to find a way to encourage it through an adequate interstate contract. more
July 22, 2013

Podgorica, President Vujanović Received the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in a Farewell Visit
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Montenegro, Mr. Zoran Lutovac, in a farewell visit.

The President Vujanović emphasized that Mr. Lutovac was the first Ambassador of Serbia to Montenegro, which had a special value. He stated with pleasure that relations between Montenegro and Serbia were friendly, comprehensive and intensive, with an opportunity to be improved, particularly in the field of economy. The President also pointed out that our European integration goals provide an opportunity for close cooperation in the interest of both states as well as the entire region.

The Ambassador Lutovac emphasized that in his diplomatic mission he was dedicated to promotion of closeness of Serbia and Montenegro and that he completed the mission satisfied with both friendly relations and cooperation of the two states and that he was glad of the opportunity to further promote the same. more
July 21, 2013

President Vujanović sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of July 22nd, Municipality Day of Šavnik
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović sent a congratulatory message to the citizens of Šavnik, councilors, President of the Assembly and President of the Municipality, on the occasion of July 22nd, Municipality Day of Šavnik.

“I am convinced that Šavnik, by quality valorization of natural potentials and improved road infrastructure, by adequate initiatives of this place’s citizens, would provide for a better conditions for living and work in an expedite manner. It will be supported by the necessary intensive cooperation of local governance and state bodies that are dedicated to persevere in achievement of uniform and faster development of Montenegro as a whole”, reads the congratulatory message of the President Vujanović. more
July 21, 2013

President Vujanović in Berane
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Berane, which was held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the holiday to the citizens, councilors, president of the Assembly and President of the Municipality of Berane, expressing his satisfaction over the past activities in Berane.

He stated that renewal of the Petnjica Municipality was significant as a great commitment was fulfilled, that is, Bihor region and Petnjica got a municipality and an opportunity to use the good resources of the region. He pointed out the expectation that Diaspora would have a strong motive for investing and that the new governance of Petnjica would come up with a good way to stimulate the investments and provide for good stimulating measures. All the ones who live outside of Montenegro and whose origin is from the Bihor region will have a good motive to invest in their Bihor, to contribute to development of the really great potentials of nature and take the opportunity to run their own businesses in that region.

The President said that there were important projects also in the field of infrastructure that should be promoted and the business zone, which was put into function, should be promoted as it offered extraordinary conditions for investments and the municipality implemented significant measures to stimulate the investments. The project called the project of the century begun both in Berane and Kolašin, making connection between Berane and Kolašin. Construction of the road is well underway and the way between Berane and Podgorica would be shortened by about forty kilometers. There are also other projects in the field of infrastructure that had a good dynamics and I really want to congratulate to the local governance and the President for everything already done, convinced that these projects, which we planned and which should be implemented through cooperation of Berane, Government and all the entities that have been providing assistance to the local governance, would be realized according to the envisaged dynamics, said the President. more
July 19, 2013

Podgorica, President Vujanović Receives Minister of Justice of Slovakia
The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović received today the Minister of Justice of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Tomas Borec.

President Vujanović expressed his appreciation for the support and assistance the Slovak Republic has provided to Montenegro in its European and Euro-Atlantic integration, with expectation that it will be continued especially in the time of preparation of opening the chapters 23 and 24 which will continue our accession process to the European Union. The experiences of the Ministry of Justice are important for these two chapters so our cooperation in this field is particularly valuable, and the signing of the Memorandum between the two ministries is the act of its affirmation.

Minister Borec reiterated the readiness of Slovakia to share experiences in the European and Euro-Atlantic integration and support Montenegro in achieving the European Union and NATO standards. He expressed his conviction that Montenegro will continue with its commitment to the integration process. Assessing the relations between the two states, Minister Borec noted the closeness as well as the need for their further promotion in the economic sphere. more
July 19, 2013

Podgorica, President Vujanović Receives Ambassador of Kuwait in Farewell Visit
The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović received today the Ambassador of Kuwait to Montenegro, Mr. Fawzi A. Al-Jasem, in a farewell visit.

President Vujanović expressed his pleasure over the state relations with Kuwait, describing them as a good basis for increasing the overall cooperation, especially at economic level. He pointed out the necessity of completing the contractual basis for the placement of Kuwaiti investments in Montenegro, as well as of intensification of the relevant information exchange in this regard, with special reference to the projects of Port of Bar and free customs zone. Expressing expectation of further mutual promotion of cooperation on bilateral and multilateral levels, the President expressed respect to the Ambassador for his contribution in deepening relations between the two traditionally friendly states.

Ambassador Al-Jasem described state relations of Montenegro and Kuwait as quality and he expressed belief that the relevant agreements will be signed in the near future. He emphasized the readiness of the Kuwaiti Fund to invest in the Montenegrin economy, and accentuated the importance of forming a Mixed Committee for economic cooperation and involving chambers of economies in the information exchange by organizing business forums. more
July 18, 2013

Cetinje, President Vujanović Received the Letters of Credence from the Newly -appointed Ambassador of Thailand
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović, received today in Cetinje the letters of credence from the newly -appointed Ambassador of Thailand to Montenegro, Mr. Sompong Sanguanbun.

In the meeting the President assessed that it was necessary to exchange information on the possibility to promote economic cooperation, informing the collocutor of the Port of Bar capacities and Duty-free zones in it as a good initial opportunity for strenghtening of the economic ties of the two states. The President expressed readiness of Montenegro to promote values of its natural and economic resources in order to attract the investors from Thailand.

The Ambassador Sanguanbun agreed with the necessity to intensify economic diplomacy in bilateral relations, pointing to the advantages of involvement of the Chambers of Commerce. He assessed its diplomatic mission as important, primarily in the field of economy. more
July 18, 2013

Cetinje, President of Montenegro Received the Letters of Credence from the Newly -appointed Ambassador of Georgia
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović, received today the letters of credence from the newly –appointed Ambassador of Georgia to Montenegro, Mr. Zaza Kandelaki.

The President Vujanović assessed the recent visit of the Minister for European Integration of Georgia to Montenegro and contracts signed on that occasion as positive, expressing his conviction that the same would be a good base for promotion of economic cooperation. He stated his expectation that such cooperation would be further promoted taking into account the wide room for making stronger connections of thetwo states in the filed of economy.

The Ambassador Kandelaki agreed with the need to intensify the economic cooperation, especially in the field of agriculture, on the level of production of healthy food. more
July 18, 2013

Cetinje, President Vujanović Received the Letters of Credence from the Newly -appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Holy
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today the letters of credence from the newly -appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Holy See, Monsignor Luigi Pezzata.

During the talks the President Vujanović expressed his satisfaction over the fact that the close relations of Montenegro and the Holy See had been founded on Concordat concluded in June 2011, and proclaimed in the course of the official visit of the President of Montenegro to the Holy See. He expressed his conviction that the Concordat was a confirmation of continuity of the contractual relation of Montenegro and the Holy See from 1886, and which was used as a form for the Holy See’s contracts with the Orthodox states.

The Ambassador Pezzata agreed with the assessment that relations between Montenegro and the Holy See were very friendly and had been lasting for a century. He expressed his satisfaction over the position of Catholic believers in Montenegro and expressed readiness to use his mission to contribute to strengthening of the relations between Montenegro and the Holy See.

Monsignor Zef Gashi, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Bar also attended the meeting. more
July 17, 2013

President Vujanović in Andrijevica
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today the ceremonial session of Municipal Assembly of Andrijevica, which was held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the Municipality Day to the citizens, councilors, President of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality of Andrijevica and expressed his respect for the activities carried out between the two holidays in the field of promotion of infrastructure, provision of better quality of life and stimulation of entrepreneurship, which resources in this region are great.

He expressed his conviction that Andrijevica would utilize the resources to the maximum extent and that it would have full support of the Government and organizations which deal with the local governance’s support. Donations are also expected to add to the development of Andrijevica.

The President pointed out that it was very significant that the great possibility of development through hydroelectric potentials of small power plants and the opportunity of family entrepreneurship in this region had been particularly recognized, as these resources would be used for the good of all the citizens of Andrijevica. more
July 16, 2013

Congratulatory messages to the President Vujanović on the occasion of the Statehood Day of Montenegro
On the occasion of July 13th, Montenegro’s Statehood Day, the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received numerous congratulatory messages from the heads of states, representatives of international organizations and many high officials. Inter alia, the congratulatory messages have been sent by:

President of the United States of America Barack Obama:

“The United States, as a proud partner and friend, joins the people of Montenegro in celebrating its Statehood day on July 13th. We mark the occasion by reaffirming our commitment to supporting your country’s aspirations to become fully integrated into the Euro-Atlantic community.

Our two nations have forged a strong and productive partnership on issues of global importance, including efforts to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan. Montenegro’s contributions to the ISAF mission are deeply appreciated.

Our relationship is grounded in a common vision of durable peace and prosperity in the western Balkans and beyond. The United States looks forward to continuing our work together in the years ahead to make this vision a reality.”

President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin:

“Accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of Statehood Day of Montenegro.

It is my pleasure to point out the consistent development of Russo-Montenegrin relations that are based on old traditions of friendship, mutual respect and cultural closeness. I am convinced that further strengthening of constructive relations in political, trade-economic, scientific-technical, humanitarian and other fields correspond to the radical interests of Russians and Montenegrins.”

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

“It is my great pleasure to extend to you and citizens of Montenegro warmest congratulations on the occasion of your National Day.

As every country celebrates its culture, history and achievements, it is important to bear in mind relations that connect us in an increasingly integrated world. All member states – regardless of size and wealth – have an essential role in building a better tomorrow for all people on the planet.

United Nations are the main stage in creating a safer and more sustainable future. We achieved a lot in past years, including global mobilisation on the support for Millennium Development Goals. However, it is necessary to achieve plenty of things in order to meet the deadline of 2015, and much of work will remain for the period after that, as we are already preparing a set of new development goals and development agenda for the period after 2015.

Active engagement of your country in the Organisation’s work is crucial for achievement of our common goals – peace, development and human rights for all.”

President of the Federal Republic of Germany Joachim Gauck:

“I extend to you and the citizens of your country my most heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the National Day of Montenegro.

Montenegro went through important stages on the road to the European and Euro-Atlantic community of values. I wish to encourage you to boldly continue on that path.

With respect to the implementation of the remaining necessary reforms, primarily with the aim of strengthening the rule of law and fundamental rights, I wish your country much strength and success. Germany will continue to strongly and as a partner support Montenegro in creating conditions for its European and Euro-Atlantic accession.”

The President of Montenegro also received numerous congratulations from citizens, organizations and associations from the country and abroad, on which he is most sincerely grateful. more
July 13, 2013

Podgorica, President of Montenegro laid a wreath at the monument to Partisan Fighter
President Vujanović today on the occasion of the Statehood Day of Montenegro laid a wreath at the monument to Partisan Fighter in the Memorial Park Gorica.

The President Vujanović was accompanied by the Chief of General Staff of the Army of Montenegro Dragan Samardžić. more
July 12, 2013

Cetinje, Statehood Day of Montenegro
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović organized a ceremonial reception in the Blue Castle in Cetinje on the occasion of July 13, Statehood Day.

The reception was attended by a great number of invitees, representatives of political, scientific, cultural, economic, public and sports life of Montenegro, as well as the national heroes and former highest state officials.

Representatives of the diplomatic core as well as international organizations and institutions’ high officials attended the ceremony.

The President’s speech reads as follows:


Centuries-long struggle for freedom and country has endowed Montenegro with history of which we must be eternally proud. At the crossroads of civilizations and religions, and amid the needs of the mighty to conquer it and its genuine freedom-loving spirit that does not bend before slavery, Montenegro created history worthy of admiration. The sequence of historical circumstances endowed Montenegro with 13th July as its National Day. On that 13th July 1878 at the Berlin Congress, Montenegro was granted international recognition, and on 13th July 1941, in the great anti-fascist uprising, it launched the restoration of its unfairly lost statehood, which resulted in internationally recognized independence renewed at the referendum of May in 2006.

This year we celebrate the National Day in the year in which we celebrate 200 years from the birth of Petar II Petrović Njegoš - the ruler, poet, philosopher and thinker whose spirit and body made him one in a million. A great personality who belonged to Europe two centuries ago, and who was perceived by Europe as especially valuable. Connection between his life and work and the great personalities of Europe has had a special significance for him and for Montenegro. more


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