November 28, 2012

Tirana, President Vujanović Attended Celebration of 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Albania
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović led the state delegation to the central celebration of 100th anniversary of Albanian Independence, which took place in Tirana.

President Vujanović attended the celebration upon invitation of the President of Albania Bujar Nishani.

The celebration in Tirana was attended by numerous high officials of all the states of the region among whom there were also the Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban and Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Janša, President of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga as well as representatives of several European countries.

In the framework of celebration in the Skanderbeg Square in Tirana a great concert was given, military parade was held and monument dedicated to 100th anniversary of Albanian independence was unveiled.

The Minister for Minority Rights Hamdi Hasani was also in the Montenegrin delegation apart from the President Vujanović.

The Albanian National holiday November 28th is also known as Flag Day. more
November 24, 2012

President Vujanović in Bar
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today in Bar the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Bar held on the occasion of the Municipality Day. He congratulated the Municipality Day to the citizens of Bar, Councilors, President of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality and expressed his respect for all that was done in the course of the past year. The great investments to the amount of 23 millions and important projects are noticeable as they have undoubtedly provided for a better infrastructure and quality of life in Bar and in that way the quality of Bar’s tourist offer has been improved. Big projects with secured funding have been planned and it can really be expected that the same would be completed according to the planned dynamics, said the President and expressed his respect to the Local Governance of Bar, which has planned and implemented these projects carefully and responsibly, expecting that the economic ambience of Bar would be in line with its really great resources. more
November 23, 2012

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović at the Fifth Congress of the Union of Veterans Associations of the People’s Liberation War and Anti-fasci
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović held an address at the Fifth Congress of the Union of Veterans Associations of the People’s Liberation War and Anti-fascists of Montenegro.

The President’s speech reads as follows:

Anti-fascist war veterans,
Esteemed delegates of the Congress,
Respected guests, dear friends,

It has always been a great honor and pleasure to welcome the anti-fascists. It is a special privilege to do it at your Congress. I am doing it wholeheartedly, with maximum respect, knowing that your mission is the brightest, the holiest and most durable of all in Montenegro – promotion of our anti-fascism. Not many small states are globally recognized such as our Montenegro. Anti-fascism made us globally recognized. That is why July 13th is our greatest holiday. It is the greatest owing to the Berlin Congress when we became independent and owing to the Anti-fascist Uprising in 1941 when we sent a message to the mankind that anti-fascism is neither eternal nor invincible and its defeat was just a matter of time.

The thirteenth of July geographically took place in several places in Montenegro, but in terms of its significance, love of freedom, it was position of the entire Montenegro. That is why Montenegrin anti-fascism was admired by anti-fascists but also respected by fascists. Great world and French thinker, magnificent anti-fascist Jean-Paul Sartre said “Montenegrin uprising warned the mankind which way to go” he was right. Our war was anti-fascist war. Our peace was anti-fascist peace. Our future is anti-fascist future. Governor of the occupation, Italian General Paolo Biroli said: “To bring Montenegrins under control is the same as to plough the sea”- and he was right. Montenegro could have never been brought under control, its love of freedom has always been great and it will remain eternal. more
November 22, 2012

President Vujanović in Budva
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, attended today the solemn session of the Municipal Assembly in Budva, held on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality.

President congratulated on the holiday to all the citizens of Budva, councillors, President of the Assembly and President of the Municipality and expressed pleasure over the achievements attained between the two holidays. He emphasized that the tourism season had evidently been excellent and outstandingly prepared. Also, the announcement of new activities which will provide for continuity of tourism quality in our metropolis is important and I am certain that it would ensure our goal – adequate promotion of Montenegro as a tourism destination, having a longer and better tourism season and higher quality of offer – it is unequivocal that the contribution of Budva is great, said the President. He congratulated to the President of the Municipality of Budva and the local government on everything they are doing, assured that their plans will be carefully and responsibly realized for the benefit of Budva and Montenegro. more
November 20, 2012

President Vujanović congratulated the Municipality Day of Tivat
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović congratulated to the citizens of Tivat, councilors, President of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality the Municipality Day, November 21.

“It is my pleasure to state that Tivat succeeded to become an example of comprehensive and dynamic valorization of exceptional economic potentials through joint engagement of public institutions, local governance, domestic and foreign investors.

Multiethnic harmony and undoubted determination to contribute to further development of the municipality by joint dedication of all the citizens are a guarantee that Tivat would be pride of Montenegro and pearl in the tourist map of Mediterranean” reads the congratulatory message of the President Vujanović. more
November 20, 2012

President Vujanović in Pljevlja
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly which was held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the citizens of Pljevlja, Councilors, President of the Assembly and President of the Municipality on the holiday and expressed his satisfaction for what had been done in Pljevlja. He expressed his expectation that the exceptional resources of Pljevlja would be used and that the better quality of life and better economic environment would be ensured in this town. There are many ambitious plans that are very realistic and realizable in many components along with good communication of the municipality, Government and all donors who are ready to help the local government through the organizations they are involved in. The President emphasized the expectation that Pljevlja would have its development which the Pljevlja’s resources deserved. more
November 19, 2012

Cetinje, President of Montenegro – Opportunity for Development of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, attended today in the place of Rvaši (municipality of Cetinje) the award of decisions on approval of five projects for investments into agricultural holdings in line with the MIDAS’s call.

President conveyed satisfaction and expressed appreciation for the work of our agricultural producers which is supported by the Old Royal Capital and the state. He said: “In the month of May, we had promotion of entrepreneurship in this composition in Cetinje, and promised that we would accelerate obtaining of the MIDAS credit lines and the support from the investment Development Fund and that we would be present at the gathering when such credits and donations would be granted”. more
November 17, 2012

President Vujanović in Budva
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović gave today introductory speech at the Panel Discussion organized by the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, which was held in Budva as a part of the Annual Meeting of the German Travel Association DRV.

The Panel was focused on Montenegro and its neighbouring states – the role of the EU integration process for the stabilisation and development of the region.

Here is the speech of the President Vujanović:

Esteemed Professor Lindner,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my privilege and pleasure to address you today at the Meeting of a great value for further development of Montenegro tourism. It is my hope that the meeting marks a huge step towards return of German tourists to Montenegro in a much higher numbers than it was the case in previous years. I firmly believe the representatives of the German Tour Operators gathered here will identify Montenegro tourism capacity to welcome and host a new generation of Germans coming to our coast and the mountains. I am confident that Montenegro has a lot to offer to tourists to make themselves familiar with our culture, history and customs, and to enjoy the natural beauties of our country at the same time.

Firstly, I am proud to say that Montenegro is a stable country progressing steadily towards EU membership through the actual accession negotiation process. It is widely understood as well that Montenegro will become a NATO member country at the first NATO enlargement Summit. Our approach to the integration processes with the highest priority has resulted in a well justified attribute of Montenegro as the integration leader in the region of West Balkans. We have been making huge efforts all these years to adopt and implement the integration standards, and we will continue doing it in the same way. more
November 14, 2012

President Vujanović Receives the Ambassador of Portugal on a Farewell Visit
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, received today Maria do Carmo Allegro de Magalhăes, the Ambassador of Portugal, on a farewell visit.

President thanked for the support of Portugal in the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro and expressed the expectation that in the future integration activities such relation of Portugal towards Montenegro would be continued. He expressed his belief that the cooperation between the two states would become more active, which is unequivocally in the interest of both Montenegro and Portugal.

President pointed out his appreciation for the support of Portugal regarding the acceptance of Montenegro into the membership of the UN Human Rights Council, assured that we shall demonstrate the reliability of our partnership in the Council.

President thanked the Ambassador Maria do Carmo Allegro de Magalhăes for her personal contribution to relations between the two countries.

Ambassador of Portugal, Maria do Carmo Allegro de Magalhăes, said that she had assured herself of the good dynamics of Montenegrin integration, and stated that Portugal would continue to provide its full support, with readiness to help in reaching all the integration standards. She congratulated Montenegro on the membership in the UN Human Rights Council, stating that this shows a high level of adherence to human rights and trust in Montenegro. She expressed her belief that Montenegro would help, within the UN Human Rights Council, by its constructive actions in achieving of its fundamental mission. more
November 14, 2012

Bijelo Polje, President of Montenegro Visits Passengers Injured in Railway Accident
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović visited the patients today in general hospital in Bijelo Polje who were hospitalized after the railway accident which took place last night on a track between Mojkovac and Bijelo Polje.

The President said that it was a great tragedy in which two lives were lost and extended his sympathies to the families of the victims. He expressed his respect for the Bijelo Polje’s hospital and Mojkovac’s service for all they did in that great tragedy, with a belief that all the injured will recover quickly. He said that he was assured of the conditions of the utmost good treatment during the visit to the injured persons along with the director of the general hospital Tomislav Jeremić and hospital personnel. The President expressed his respect for the rescue and medical services and all of those who took their part, either by obligation or voluntary, in helping the injured persons and healing of all effects of that accident. He said that he heard only words of commendation from the injured patients in the hospital for the utmost help that was offered in their treatment there.

The President also stated that the Railways and the Police carried out intensive investigations of the cause of the accident, with expectation of having clear information about the accident soon. more
November 13, 2012

President Vujanović at the Solemn Session of the Assembly of the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje
President Vujanović attended today the solemn session of the Assembly of the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje, held on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality.

President congratulated to the citizens of the Old Royal Capital, councillors, President of the Assembly and Mayor on the day of Cetinje and expressed appreciation for the work done between the two holidays. He expressed that he shared the opinion of the citizens of the Old Royal Capital that a lot had been done, with an estimate that very ambitious plans on which the Mayor spoke would be realized.

President pointed out that Cetinje is a historical vertical of rich, long and glorious history of Montenegro, stating that the state and the local government are oriented to the maximum extent to use all the resources and values of the Old Royal Capital. He expressed his expectation that a better living quality in Cetinje would be ensured, through the opportunities for entrepreneurship, through the incentive measures provided by the Old Royal Capital and the Government. President expressed his certainty that the investments from the budget of Montenegro and from the budget of the Old Royal Capital valorised the values and accepted the obligation of further investments. “For me, it is of vital importance that the new jobs be opened here, to ensure a better living quality and that the citizens of Cetinje have a living quality earned by this time which demonstrated through the values of the Old Royal Capital, that the connections between the present and history should use the value of history for the present living quality, said the President”. more
November 12, 2012

Czechia, President Vujanović with President Klaus
The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović had a meeting today in Prague with the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus.

Montenegro can continue to count on the full support of Czechia on its path towards the full-fledged membership in the European Union and NATO, and between the two states there is a room for improvement of economic cooperation, especially in the field of energy, it was stated today following the meeting between the Montenegrin and Czech Presidents, Filip Vujanović and Vaclav Klaus.

After the meeting in Prague, President Vujanović said that the meeting represented a continuation of a good communication and confirmation of excellent state relations between Montenegro and Czechia, which gained more and more in value also in the sphere of economic cooperation.

He reminded that the President of Czechia paid an official visit to Montenegro in April last year, when a business forum was organized, from which a message was sent to the businessmen of the two countries to intensify the cooperation, and also to the governments of the two states to make a good contractual basis for a better mutual economic communication.

“I believe it is clear that Czechia has been more and more present in Montenegro. It is known that this state has provided the loan for reconstruction of Podgorica-Nikšić railway, it has made a research of hydro potential in the north of Montenegro, and it has significantly participated in remediation of the Jalovište site in Mojkovac”, pointed out President Vujanović.

According to his words, the interest of the Czech capital for investment in Montenegro is substantial, especially in energy sector, adding that it was one of the central topics of the talks with President Klaus.

“We talked about European and Euro-Atlantic integration and I took this opportunity to express gratitude to Czechia for the support provided to Montenegro on its path towards EU and NATO”, President Vujanović said.

The President of Montenegro assessed that his participation in the plenary session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Prague represented a strong promotion of our state in Euro-Atlantic integration.

“I am very satisfied with the Summit, at which I had meetings suitable to its significance, I mean, with NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen and President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Karl Lamers. At this gathering as well as during the meetings I promoted the need of Montenegro to, by achieving the NATO standards both in the economic and political spheres, use the North-Atlantic Alliance and ensure better quality of life for all its citizens”, President Vujanović said.

He pointed out that the gathering in Prague showed that NATO is not only security alliance but also an association that is significantly committed to economic and political issues. more
November 12, 2012

Prague, President of Montenegro at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly
Vujanović: NATO is the best guarantee of long-term stability and security

In his address at the plenary session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, held in Prague, President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović pointed out that Montenegro would remain committed to the full membership in the NATO, because the collective security system is the only guarantee for long-term stability of the Balkan region. “That is the prerequisite for attraction of foreign investments and economic development”, stated the President, adding that Montenegro would continue to be a close ally to the North-Atlantic Alliance.

“I wish to point out that the new Government will continue with meeting all the international obligations towards our allies. Full NATO membership will remain our foreign policy priority. Our new communication strategy is directed towards strengthening of the role of Parliament and increased support of the public opinion for the membership of our state in the NATO”, he said.

President Vujanović positively commented on the fact that the topic of enlargement and future of the Alliance was incorporated as one of the central topics of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly session, and expressed his expectation that Montenegro would receive in the first next NATO summit the invitation for full membership in the North-Atlantic Alliance. more
November 09, 2012

President of Montenegro nominated Milo Djukanović as Prime Minister – Designate
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović will sent a written proposal to the Speaker of Parliament to nominate the President of DPS Milo Djukanović as Prime Minister-Designate

The President Vujanović completed consultations with the presidents of political parties represented in the Parliament in relation to the proposal of the PM - designate.

The President addressed the journalists after he completed the consultations, stating that he highly respected the parliamentary parties’ leaders, who participated in consultations for nomination of the PM-designate. He said that these consultations were neither technical nor formal but essential and comprehensive and the parliamentary parties’ leaders expressed their views about Montenegro and its prospects and expressed readiness to make efforts for the purpose of contribution to the common good. The President pointed out that he took into account the needs of Montenegro in relation to such efforts and expressed his readiness as President of the state to fully promote cooperation of all and for the general benefit of Montenegro and all of its citizens. He said that it was natural that Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Svetozar Marović and Political Director of DPS Branimir Gvozdenović have come on behalf of the President of DPS. They informed the President that meeting of the DPS Presidency was finished and the DPS’s proposal to nominate Milo Djukanović as PM-designate was fully supported. “As you know, I have always supported and considered that in principle it was adequate that the party and coalition’s leader should take up the obligation and duty to lead the Government pursuant to the program of that government. I am convinced that the DPS President Milo Djukanović, who was most significantly involved in preparation of the coalition’s program, who made the strongest efforts to promote it and thus assumed the responsibility for its realization, expressed in this way his full readiness to implement the program of the coalition in a maximally comprehensive and dynamically most suitable manner. I have no doubt in his success as I have known him for a long time. From cooperation with the DPS President Milo Djukanović I am convinced that he would be completely dedicated to the interests of Montenegro in the integration processes, values of Montenegro in promotion of its international reputation and at this moment, first of all and above all, provision of a good economic ambience, new investments and provision of a better quality of life”, said the President. The President stated his conviction that taking into account what Mr. Djukanović did previously while holding state positions of both Prime Minister and President of the State, made us believe that he would implement the coalition’s program. In this respect, the President stated his readiness to give his full support and contribution within the scope of the president of state’s competence and pursuant to the constitution.

The President said that today after these meetings he would also send a written proposal to the Speaker of the Parliament to nominate DPS President Milo Djukanović as PM-designate, believing that a Parliamentary Session would be convened soon in order to vote on the Government.

“Finally, I would like to express my great respect to the present Prime Minister Igor Lukšić, to state that he and his associates in the Government have been dedicated to the maximum extent to realization of the interests of the Government and entire Montenegro. It is a great compliment and will remain in our memories that during that Government’s mandate we started negotiations on European integration, received great messages from Chicago in relation to the NATO integration and had a policy of full valorization of the resources of Montenegro”, said the President. The President stated that his attitude in terms of the position of PM-designate was the same as Lukšić’s, which was to support the President of the party to be nominated as PM-designate and it was the principle of the party’s functioning. In the same way I would support him if he ran for the President of State. Team functioning simply represents quality and necessity and I think that it was confirmed in this case. The PM-designate accepted the obligation and responsibility and I am convinced that he and his team would be fully dedicated to work for the common good of Montenegro. more
November 07, 2012

President of Montenegro congratulated to Barack Obama on his re-election as US President
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović congratulated to Barack Obama on his re-election as President the United States of America.

The congratulatory message, inter alia, reads that by re-election of Barack Obama as President, the US citizens showed that they highly assessed his dedication to overcome the economic crisis, to promote political stability and respond to the global challenges in an adequate manner.
Expressing gratefulness for the past support the President of Montenegro expressed his conviction that the USA would further support the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro, promotion of its democracy and provision of economic development. more


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