November 05, 2012

Defense and Security Council Holds Session
The session of the Defense and Security Council was held today in Podgorica. The session was chaired by the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović and attended by the members of the Council, the Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ranko Krivokapić and Prime Minister of Montenegro, Igor Lukšić Ph.D.

Upon invitation the session was also attended by the Minister of Defense Prof. Milica Pejanović-Djurišić Ph.D, Director of the Agency for National Security MA Boro Vučinić, and Chief of the General Staff of the Army of Montenegro Vice Admiral Dragan Samardžić.

Following the conclusions and decisions of the NATO Summit in Chicago on transition of the responsibilities from Coalition Forces to Afghan National Security Forces, the Council took stock of the past engagement of the members of the Army of Montenegro and the Police Directorate in the UN ISAF mission in Afghanistan and gave the guidelines for reducing the Montenegrin contingent and its further engagement in the composition of the Regional Command North in similar tasks.

The Council considered and adopted the information of the Ministry of Defense on activities for the constitution of the Division of Military Intelligence and Security Affairs and implementation of legal provisions which regulate this field.

The Council considered also other issues within its competence. more
October 30, 2012

President Vujanović congratulated the Montenegrin Public Prosecutors Day
“May I congratulate you on the Montenegrin Public Prosecutors Day and express my special respect for your responsible and significant duty you are in charge of.

I am convinced that the prosecutor’s role in the judiciary system is of essential significance and functioning of a state governed by the rule of law depends much on it. Such state is the interest of all the citizens and entire society.

In our judiciary system, the prosecutor has a special responsibility, which is commensurate with the need of quality and prompt proceeding as well as the mission of protection of the state and rights and interests of its citizens. I am convinced that the past experience related to performance of prosecutor’s duty proved validity of this concept and need to further promote it. Of course, as any big reform especially in judiciary, this one, which is related to the position of prosecutor, requires time to be comprehended and adequately accepted. I am convinced that by quality performance of your duty you will ensure respect of the entire society, as your significant and very demanding duty deserves.

Expected changes of Constitution will be in favor of further promotion of prosecutor’s duty and confirmation of prosecutor’s full independence, in which way we will meet the highest standards of European integration.

I wish you success in your future work and please, accept the assurances of my highest consideration”, reads the congratulatory message of the President Vujanović. more
October 29, 2012

President Vujanović congratulated on the Days of Montenegrin Judiciary
“On the occasion of Days of Montenegrin Judiciary, with a feeling of high regard, let me express my belief that performing the judiciary duty has a special value, which is one of the bases of a state governed by the rule of law.

Independence of judiciary is undoubtedly fundamentally important for democratization of society and promotion of equality. Meaning of independence is to provide conditions for a judge to arbitrate impartially in order to ensure adequate application of law.

It is clear that the society governed by rule of law may not function without independent judiciary and legal security and more quality life of our citizens may not be realized without professional and efficient judiciary.

Future changes of Constitution will additionally promote independence and autonomy of judiciary, which is absolutely the interest of both the state and society.

Esteemed judges, European integration process is founded on provision of full promotion of independent and efficient judiciary. In realization of this goal, the state and, I expect, entire society, will surely provide their assistance and support.

Wishing you successfull work, please, accept the assurances of my highest consideration, reads the congratulatory message of the President Vujanović. more
October 28, 2012

President Vujanović in Herceg Novi
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Herceg Novi, which has been held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the Municipality Day to the citizens of Herceg Novi, Councilors, President of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality and expressed his respect for all the realized activities since the last Municipality Day. Capital facilities for water supply and waste water disposal as well as a great project of tourist complex in Kumbor have been planned. The President expressed his conviction that implementation of these ambitious projects would be realized. The President said that he believed that quality of life of the citizens of Herceg Novi would be improved and that its great tourism resources would be used to make it more attractive. “I am convinced that Herceg Novi deserves a better quality of life, its resources are valuable and I believe that realization of these and other projects would provide for better quality of life to all the citizens of Herceg Novi, said the President. more
October 26, 2012

President Vujanović in Berlin
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended the jubilee celebration in Berlin “the 60th anniversary of the Eastern Committee of German Economy”. The President expressed his satisfaction with participation in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Eastern Committee of German Economy and said that it was an important economic association that connected German economy and states of the East, both in Europe and Asia. It is undoubtedly an important link for connecting our and German economy.

He emphasized that he had a pleasure to participate through this association, during his official visit to Germany in December last year, in a great meeting with numerous German companies. This year in May, they organized Montenegrin-German business forum and initiated a great congress of the German tour operators and travel agencies in Montenegro the next month already. “This will be certainly a great opportunity for our tourism economy to stimulate powerful tour operators from Germany and to ensure a more quality tourist visit from Germany”, the President said, adding that Montenegro would continue a good relation with this Committee and try to enhance, through it, our economic ties with Germany. “Our country has a great interest in the German capital and partnership with Germany”.

It was with a special pleasure that the President pointed to the fact that the Committee allowed only to him of all the guests to address at the gala diner at which Chancellor Merkel gave her speech, and to express a gratitude to the Eastern Committee of German economy for what it had done for Montenegro. To express particular gratitude to the German government and the state for the support provided to Montenegro in its European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

“Germany, as a powerful state of the European Union certainly represents a country from which we expect to further the support of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro, and therefore I think that my stay in Berlin was very useful.”, the President said.

The President of the Eastern Committee of German economy Dr Eckhard Cordes thanked President Vujanović for participating in this, for them very important and great jubilee. He emphasized that the Committee actively stand up for Montenegro to make its progress toward the EU even more quickly.

Dr Cordes emphasized that the several initiatives were jointly undertaken for enhancing economic cooperation between Montenegro and Germany. He said that he was looking forward to greater economic cooperation between the two countries.
President Vujanović had a joint gala diner during his stay in Berlin, at which besides Chancellor Merkel, the officials and presidents of the biggest company from Germany were present.

The Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić was in the delegation with President Vujanović. more
October 23, 2012

Cetinje, Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegović on his official visit to Montenegro
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegović with full state and military honors.

Following the bilateral meeting the President Vujanović and the Chairman Izetbegović held a press conference.

The President Vujanović expressed special satisfaction over the official visit of the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Bakir Izetbegović to Montenegro. He emphasized that this visit meant to him confirmation and continuity of friendly and close relations of the two states. “We are convinced that our relations are a good example and good role model of cooperation in the region and open room for cooperation without open issues really reflects the quality of our relations. We have a common task as regards the integration goals and there is full readiness for maximum cooperation” said the President. more
October 22, 2012

Bečići, President Vujanović at SEEMF
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović participated today in the South East
Europe Media Forum in Bečići.

The following is the text of the speech of the President:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The freedom of opinion and expression, reception and provision of information and ideas, with no interference of public authorities, represents a fundamental human right. For the transition countries of South East Europe, that have serious democratic, development and integration aspirations – realization of each fundamental human right, is a priority obligation by itself. Therefore, the central mission of our media systems is to serve the needs and interests of citizens and overall public. more
October 17, 2012

Podgorica, President Vujanović Receives the Representatives of the Strike Committee of the Toscelik Steelworks
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović, along with the Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić, received today in Podgorica the representatives of the strike committee of the Toscelik Steelworks from Nikšić.

President accepted the proposal of this committee to conduct talks with them regardless of the fact that the disputes between the workers and management do not fall under the competence of the President of the State, neither in respect of the assessment nor the suggested solutions. President’s opinion was that this proposal should be accepted ad that the delegation of the strike committee should be received because he was very interested in maintaining the steelworks and a correct relation towards all the investors, perceiving the new steelworks owner as a serious and responsible investor. During the talks, the President stated that the dialogue between the workers and the management was the best way to solve any dispute and that the workers should adhere to the principles of business operation of the large companies which cannot change because of the individual parts of the companies. In the case concerned, the President expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Ministry and Minister Kavarić for the assistance in communication between the steelworks workers and the management, believing that the dispute on the workers’ rights has been solved to a significant extent.

Representatives of the strike committee conveyed that through the communication with the management the workers’ rights had been significantly protected, but that some issues should be additionally clarified by further agreeing. In that sense, they accept the Ministers’ position that, through further contacts with the management, both the workers’ rights and the intention of the investor to demonstrate the value of his investment for the benefit of the workers and the steelworks and for the benefit of Montenegro should be protected. more
October 16, 2012

Podgorica, President Vujanović Recieves the Swiss Ambassador for a Farewell Visit
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, received today the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to Montenegro, Erwin H. Hofer, for a farewell visit.

During the talks, President Vujanović expressed particular satisfaction over the comprehensive and active stable relations with Switzerland, pointing out the appreciation for the support of Switzerland in solving the issue of refugees in Montenegro and in the region. He also pointed out to the need for further promotion of bilateral cooperation, especially in the field of economy, in the developmental prorammes and investments, suggesting organizing of a business forum at which the investment capacities of Montetenegro would be presented.

Ambassador Hofer described the relations between Montenegro and Switzerland as excellent and expressed satisfacton over the opportunities and achievements in their promotion during the peroformance of his high duty in Montenegro. He stressed the support that Switzerland has been continuously providing to Montenegro in its European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes. He also shared the satisfaction over the democratic free elections held in Montenegro. Agreeing with the need for organization of a business forum, he pointed out to the need for further engagement of the Swiss Embassy in that respect, as well as of our Embassy in Switzerland. more
October 04, 2012

Cetinje, President Vujanović Receives EU Federalist Movement Organization from FR Germany
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today in Cetinje the EU Federalist Movement Organization from the Federal Republic of Germany composed of 34 members, which promotes the need for enlargement of the EU to the Western Balkan countries. The topic of the talks was: ”Path of the new candidate – Montenegro towards the EU membership”.

The President thanked the delegation for coming to visit Montenegro and emphasized that the relations with Germany were comprehensive, intensive and close. He stated that the readiness to connect Montenegro and Germany economically, in a more comprehensive way, was expressed even during his official visit to Germany and the visit of Prime Minister Lukšić, which contributed to organizing a great Business forum this year in Montenegro where the businessmen and companies from Germany were invited to invest in Montenegro, in order to build strong economic partnerships between the two countries.

The President expressed his satisfaction over the Federalist Movement Organization whose mission in Montenegro was to support the readiness and primary interest of our country to be in the EU as soon as possible. He said that he was convinced, that the delegation staying in Montenegro would recognize commitment and the wish of Montenegro for the interest of membership in the EU.

The representatives of the Federalist Movement Organization thanked the President for the reception expressing the satisfaction with what they had seen in Montenegro. They stated they were standing for the enlargement of the EU to the Western Balkan countries as well as their delegation included the parliamentarians, politicians, academicians, professors and high state authorities of the FR Germany. They emphasized that they would promote strategic interest and the need of Montenegro for the EU membership upon their return to Germany. more
October 04, 2012

Danilovgrad, President Vujanović attended the ceremony on the occasion of the Day of the Armed Forces of Montenegro
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today in Danilovgrad the ceremony which has been organized on the occasion of the Day of the Armed Forces of Montenegro.

Address of the President reads as follows:

My congratulations to the soldiers of Montenegro on the Day of the Armed Forces of Montenegro!

I would like to take this opportunity, as always, to express my respect for your self-sacrificing, dedicated, professional and above all patriotic engagement in the Army of Montenegro. Due to such relation all the citizens and the state of Montenegro are obliged to respect you to the maximum extent, as you deserved it. I am pleased with the fact that this is the year in which the international community recognized such a value of the Army of Montenegro. In the NATO Summit held in Chicago in May the 28 states, 21 of which are the EU member states, concluded that the reforms in the field of politics, economy and security of Montenegro deserved full acknowledgement. Thus, they expressed their respect to the Army of Montenegro, our reforms in the field of politics and economy and to the entire Montenegro. It was concluded in the summit that our Army was a stability factor not only in the Western Balkan but also in the South-East Europe and great and significant respect was expressed for our participation in the peace-keeping missions especially ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Montenegro has proved its readiness to contribute to peace in the world for more than a century. We have shown our determination to act globally and help globally exactly by our participation in these missions. Regardless of the size and numerousness of the army we are a part of the global peace and global defense of democracy. I want to express special respect from this place exactly to these members of the army who participate in the peace-keeping missions and to say that they should know that, although they are not here with us, they are in our thoughts, our emotions, we care about them, and they are among us.

I would like to say also what the Chief of Staff stated that we are obliged to take maximum care of the quality of life in our Army. Your successes, sacrifice and patriotism oblige us to that. We will continue to take care of the material status of our army; we will make efforts to provide for material circumstances in order to raise the quality of life to a high level. We will continue with housing policy measures and provide for apartments to the army’s employees. This important question of survival will be resolved also taking into account the relation of the state to the Army of Montenegro for the efforts it makes. On the other hand, you will continue to promote value and reputation of Montenegro and to show with full strength and deeply from your heart that you belong to the great Army, which has always deserved full respect both throughout its history and now.

Let’s live long! more
October 02, 2012

President of Montenegro visited the Local District Bukovica
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović visited today the Local District Bukovica in the Municipality of Pljevlja, for the purpose of assessment of realized activities in terms of improvement of infrastructure and facilities in this place.

The President said that he visited Bukovica together with the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Suad Numanović, who heads the project of raising the quality of life to a higher level in the area of Bukovica, Director of the Public Works Directorate, Žarko Žarković and President of the Municipality of Pljevlja, Miloje Pupović, where he had the opportunity to convince himself that the project which begun in 2008 has continued to be active and meets its purpose.

“Quality of life in Bukovica has been raised to a higher level; road infrastructure and low-voltage network quality have improved. We have succeeded to ensure that the overall infrastructure ambience stimulates the people who left Bukovica to return and provides for a much better quality of life to people who live here” emphasized the President.

He stated that 43 residential and 35 auxiliary facilities were constructed in this period, and conditions were met in order to have these people returned as well as to provide for a better quality of life to the permanent residents. We agreed to perform the most necessary activities in the framework of infrastructure as the infrastructure has been raised to a good level, and to continue at the same time with construction of residential facilities, whereby insisting on construction of the facilities needed by the permanent residents as it will be, in my opinion, in favour of promotion of harmony among different nations in Bukovica, what has been presented in this meeting in a very visible and persuasive manner.”
The President emphasized that this was also an opportunity to state that “State policy of Montenegro was dedicated to development of villages, development of entrepreneurship in villages. Since its establishment, the Investment and Development Fund invested thirty-two and a half million in 395 projects during the period of more than two and a half years, many of which are related to villages. The Ministry of Agriculture distributed 7.200.000 EUR through MIDAS projects, out of which 3.600.000 represents donation. I told about it to the inhabitants of Bukovica and indicated that they should obtain credit support for entrepreneurship through these programs, as here are exceptional conditions for development of entrepreneurship in all the fields and it would contribute to increase the quality of life.” more
October 01, 2012

Congratulatory message of the President Vujanović
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović sent a congratulatory message to all of the employees of the Ministry of Interior and Minister of Interior Ivan Brajović on the occasion of October 2nd –Interior Affairs Day.

“I am sending you my cordial congratulations, wishing you to continue to be dedicated in fulfillment of your obligations, which are significant both for the state and overall society.

I am convinced the you will continue to be a guarantor of our citizens’ security, thus confirming that your dedication to reforms of the security system and professional realization of demanding duties represents one of the principal supports in our European path for the benefit of all the citizens of Montenegro”, reads the congratulatory message of the President Vujanović. more
September 30, 2012

President of Montenegro in Rožaje
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Rožaje, which was held on the occasion of the Municipality Day. The President congratulated on the occasion of the holiday to the citizens, councilors, Speaker of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality.

He expressed appreciation for all that had been done in Rožaje and to the local administration, and especially the President Nusret Kalac, because they had demonstrated that Rožaje should be using its resources to the maximum extent for the benefit of all the citizens. The President particularly called for investing into Rožaje, pointing out that a good programme for investment incentives was adopted. He pointed out that Rožaje is a municipality with exceptional resources, where a return can be made on every investment, both for the investors and citizens in the form of a better life.

The President reiterated that he appreciated all that had been done in Rožaje, wishing a stronger progress and better living quality to the citizens of Rožaje. more
September 28, 2012

Podgorica, President Vujanović Receives the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan, prof.dr. Eldar Hasanov.
During the talks, President Vujanović expressed pleasure over the fact that following the official visit to Azerbaijan last September and visit of the Prime Minister Igor Lukšić this May, a decision was adopted on establishing an Inter-state commission for economic cooperation, which will organize a business forum in the first half 2013. He estimated that it would be a good opportunity for promotion of the economic cooperation and new investments in the function of development of Montenegro, emphasizing that Montenegro has a special interest in developing cooperation in the field of tourism, which would be prompted next year by charter flights between the two states, as well as in other fields of economy.

Ambassador Hasanov reiterated the interest of Azerbaijan in expansion of the economic cooperation, with readiness to promote through the work of the inter-state commission the fields of cooperation which are in the mutual interest of the two states. more


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