November 15, 2013

Podgorica, President Vujanović awarded with the International Foundation Prize
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today the Prize of the International Foundation Ilyas Afandiyev, which was presented to him by the President of the Foundation Tural Afandiyev.

The International Foundation Ilyas Afandiyev was established in 2005 in relation to the program of contribution to achievement of the UN Millennium Goals, which is dedicated to sustainable growth and projects of social value, with special involvement in the benevolence activities in all the fields.

The address of the President of the Foundation of Tural Afandiyev reads as follows:

Dear Mr. President!

Allow me to greet you and thank you on behalf of the Committee of the International Foundation Ilyas Afandiyev for the attention and hospitality you offered to us. It is our great pleasure to attend such a solemn event and to personally present you with the International Prize Ilyas Afandiyev “for contribution to development of peace and democracy”.

Modern development of Azerbaijan, enabled by the result of successful interior and foreign policy of the President Ilham Aliyev, created favorable conditions in the country to establish the Foundation, which is named after the national playwright Ilyas Afandiyev.

Accumulated experience of the Foundation in the field of charitable activity, wide support of public and potential of international relations, brought about necessity to reform it. In that respect, an International Non-governmental Organization – “International Foundation - Ilyas Afandiyev” was established in the European Union in 2011.

Today the Foundation has been actively extending its activity – it has been implementing several Target Projects, directed towards accomplishment of sustainable development principle of the peoples of the European states, Asia, Muslim world - it has opened its branch offices and representative offices there.

Our Foundation has also established “International Prize Ilyas Afandiyev”, which has been presented for many years already to eminent state and public figures from all over the world for their extraordinary contribution to democratic transformation, strengthening of peace, development of culture and other fields. Among these states, Montenegro holds a special place. After establishment of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Montenegro, relations between our two states entered a new phase of an even closer cooperation.

Your first official visit to Baku in 2011 is very well remembered in Azerbaijan as it marked the beginning of intensive dialogue and establishment of friendly relations between the heads of state, by signing several bilateral documents. Today these relations have already moved to the level of strategic partnership between our states, which are reflected in conclusion of numerous bilateral agreements, including also Declaration on Friendly Relations and Partnership, during the visit of the President of Azerbaijan to Montenegro in March this year.

Mr. President! Your life path and political activity have been firmly connected to the people of Montenegro, who elected the democratic reforms path.

Firstly, the international community marks the role of your state in establishment of peace and stability in the region. Your recent re-election as President is a proof of not only high authority and wide support to your currently social-economic and democratic reforms, but it reflects also the fact that your name is connected to stability and peace in the state.

Thanks to targeted political activity, significant steps have been taken in Montenegro in many fields of society in the last years: important regulations have been adopted, which are aimed at development of democratic foundations of national statehood and institutions of civil society, reforms have been implemented in the economic and social area. All of this had to bring about increase in international confidence in Montenegro, increase in foreign investments in the state.

During your Presidency, firm position of Montenegro to be actively included in the Euro-Atlantic structures has been shown to the world. Logical result of these efforts you made is that Montenegro became a candidate state for the EU membership in 2010.

In the context of increased international status of Montenegro and your personal credibility as extraordinary statesman, our Foundation may take into consideration implementation of a great charity project, for a period of 5 years. I wish to state that along with active state support to the Project by Montenegro, our side is ready to consider funding and implementation of the Project concerned. The Project could include areas such as health system, education, social engineering, which of course envisages also opening of the new opportunities in the state.

Mr. President! Representatives of the Azerbaijan society also could not help but show the special attention for your productive work for peace and democracy and present you with the International Prize Ilyas Afandiyev. We wish you success and hope to establish a long-term cooperation with you. Allow me to present you with the award.

President Vujanović thanked for the valuable award:

Esteemed Mr. Afandiyev,
Ambassador Hasanov,
Mayor Mugoša,
President of the Red Cross Mr. Mijušković,
Respected Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to express my special gratefulness for this valuable award of the International Foundation Ilyas Afandiyev. The award which means verification of what was recognized as activity of both Montenegro and me as President of the basic mission of this Foundation in promotion of the UN Millennium Goals, which have an ambition to confirm the value of democracy, human rights and freedom, intercultural, international and religious ties and show that world must go ahead and develop. I wish to express my special respect also for the activity of this Foundation, which is directed towards benevolence. There is no more valuable mission than to assist the ones in need, if possible. That is why I am convinced that benevolence activity of this international community represented an especially valuable mission and I wish to stress it in particular. I wish to the Foundation Ilyas Afandiyev to continue with its noble mission, to continue it in the international framework, in which it was founded, and to continue to be equally successful as so far.

This is of course an opportunity to express special respect for the Azerbaijan –Montenegrin relations. Our two states have established substantial and intensive communication, partnerships and I would like to say with pleasure that I had an opportunity to get familiar with Baku and Azerbaijan. On the occasion of my visit in September 2011 I convinced myself in the economic development of that friendly state, in the commitment of that state to be a promoter of such development, to assist the states that need it and to show that development represented the basis of all.
I had pleasure to be guest of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in March this year and to confirm our commitment through these two visits that closeness of our two states should be enhanced and permanent. Our two Governments have also had intensive contacts. Numerous agreements have been concluded between the two states and a good basis has been created for cooperation in all the fields.

I had pleasure to state that the most powerful state company of Azerbaijan SOCAR, which constructs one of the most beautiful tourist complexes, not only on our coast but also in the wider area, providing us with a possibility to have a complex which will be pride of that company and entire Montenegro. I would like to express hope that also Trans Adriatic Pipeline from Azerbaijan would have its network also in Montenegro and that by the great Project the needs of Montenegro for its economic development would be included.

I would like to express with special appreciation my respect for what Azerbaijan did to make symbolically permanent ties of the two states. It is reconstruction of the King’s Park in Podgorica and construction of a Day Care Center in Bijelo Polje.

I wish to say here to you and our friends from Azerbaijan and I wish to convey also to our friends in Azerbaijan and President Ilham Aliyev and Government of Azerbaijan my gratefulness for that kind of donation which symbolically really represents a significant area of our binding.

I would also like to express special respect to the Ambassador’s mission of the Ambassador Hasanov. You Mr. Ambassador, by a really devoted, intensive, I should say, also emotional relation as me and these who collaborate with you can see it, expressed the need to make our two states closer. That is why I am not surprised by the fact that Montenegrin-Caspian international foundation elected you as best ambassador for the past year among the states of Central and South-East Europe, and awarded you with such a prestigious title.

Future of our relations, I am convinced, would be mission of all those involved in state affairs, this award further calls to make all efforts to continue assisting the very close, substantial relations, which will develop also in terms of economy in the future.
Thank you once again.

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